Apr 16, 2013

Leadman Tri 125 Tempe 2013 - Jobing.com / Tribe Multisport Relay

So a couple weeks ago my cycling team Jobing.com/Tribe sent out an invite for a relay team for Leadman Tempe... They had a runner & a cyclist... swimmer wanted.
I do not call myself a swimmer.
I am a swimmer in training though.
SO I threw it out there I would do it if they couldn't find a real swimmer.

Which of course means I SIGNED UP! hahaha
2.5k swimabout 2500 meters... hmmmm, I do that every Monday, let's do this!

I predicted I would finish around 50min give or take.
As long as the wetsuit and Tempe Town Lake didn't freak me out!

SO last weekend I rented my wetsuit and tried it out at Bartlett Lake with a couple friends
It went well and I was "ready" as I could be!

Sunday morning we were ready to rock it!!
Waiting in transition with my Chollas Amy & Erin...
ERIN did the full 125k Leadman by herself! #studrockstaramazingfriend 

Erin and I ready to SWIM!

I don't look nervous do I?

Silliness makes the nerves go away!

54:15 - 2:10 pace
So, if you are not from Phoenix you might not know about the Tempe Town Lake plague  My friends had me scared about swimming in this super unnatural "lake." Everyone gets sick after swimming in it.
I am calling BS.
The water wasn't GROSS... I am still alive and not sick two days later...

So the day before I volunteered at the USATCN13
SO thankful. It got me ready to jump in.

Sunday morning I wasn't SCARED!
Just a little nervous, normal pre-race nerves =D

Once I was in the water I felt pretty darn good. 
I told myself to swim til the turn around point then see what I have left and push it. 
That plan worked out nicely. I never felt panicky or anything... which was SO NICE.

I told myself to not look at my watch too cause I didn't need that pressure.
All and all it was a good swim. AND GREAT practice... 
I am totally going to kill Barb's Race in July!


Once I was out of the water... I passed the timing chip to our awesome cyclist Laura!

68 miles in 3:13!!

The our amazing runner Amy went out and fought with the heat!
She finished in 1:27

with a total time of 5:38.29
Great job team Jobing.com/Tribe

So being the swimmer I was pretty energetic and rested by the time everyone doing the full event was done so I continued my theme of photo bombing from the previous day! 

Thanks for working hard out on the course Heidi!

The Jones & I!
Finally met them IRL!

THIS was the highlight of the day.
ERIN finishing her first #almostkindalikehalfironmandistance
LOVE my baby gurl.

Poor Erin... I made her walk up a hill to take this picture... 
whatever she just did Leadman 125!

These are my Cholla Chicks!
I love them, they make events SO MUCH FUN.

Keep on TRIing ladies & gents!

So much fun! Relays are nice when you are the first one up... 
see my SOMA recap for the ugly running part of a relay team!

Love that my super awesome cycling team Jobing.com/Tribe ALWAYS does these relays! Such a fun way to be a part of the longer events without doing all the training!

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