May 30, 2013

Lucky number 11 #itsgottabeluckyright

11 Things for 11 Days 

1.11- today was the first day in the pool that I felt like I weighed a million pounds... is this why people don't like swimming?? It has never happened to me before. I think I might go swim again later just to make sure I am not crazy! 
2.11- two more weeks til I can cycle! #rosalitaimmacomin
3.11- I have bought three new suits since being "hurt"
4.11- four more weeks til I can pound some pavement... i'll probably just stay on the track for a while
5.11- Five artists I have been listening the crap outta #teganandsara #theallamericanrejects #taylorswift #robyn #awolnation
6.11- SIX; I have done six half marathons! Feels like I've done a million though... darn those 20/25ks! 
7.11- Seven... the number of parties I went to this past weekend #nowonderpeopledonthavetimefortraining #neverrealizedhowmuchtimeigavetomysport
8.11- Eight. 50+8 more days til my first 70.3 that I may not be able to do
9.11 - MY BIRTHDAY! September eleventh =D 
10.11- TEN Cholla's I love love love #suebug #aimswa #birdy #mich #laurak #christy #emz #jen #julie #abby
11.11- ELEVEN MORE DAYS IN THE POOL then I get to RIDE!!! #hopefully

May 14, 2013

Mandi Runs: Now restricted to H2O

Yep. You read that right.
Mandi with an "i" is restricted to underwater activities.

Stress Fracture in my hip.

I am guessing it is from some sort of overuse while running... 
form problems maybe?!

So now I stare at pictures of my beautiful bike while I am at work and when I am home... 
well I stare at her some more. 


Ahhh it's not THAT bad.
4 weeks off from cycling.
6 weeks off from running.
11 weeks until Barb's 70.3

I got the OFFICIAL bad news Thursday afternoon.
My Chollas made sure I wasn't to cry alone...
I love my friends.
Suebug cooked for me and Erin made sure my glass wasn't empty!

BUT the good news...
I'm becoming a swimmer!

A swimmer with a shopping problem...

New Headbands...

 New swimsuit #totallyneed
New goggles #totallyneed
New fins... #totallyneed

I know that it's not the end of the world but it does EFFIN SUCK.

Thankfully I can swim for now
 and I can get back on Rosalita in 4 weeks!

If healing goes well I am hopeful that I will still be able to complete Barb's Race. 

Thanks for reading my rant friends....