Jul 22, 2013

Beach Babe Bicycling Classic - Long Beach 2013

I'm a Babe.
I like the Beach.

My awesome friend/fellow Jobing.com - Tribe teammate Mindy invited myself & Erin to join her.

We would make the short trip from Phoenix and spend the night and return home the next day.

SHORT n' SWEET trip.
This is more of a picture journal. 
I think the pictures say it better.


Of course we HAD to stop at the Welcome to Cali sign... doesn't everyone?

 Once we got to Long Beach we walked over to packet pick up.

 The resturant we went to had the STRONGEST Mai Tais known to man. 
We are athletes. We DON'T need strong anything!

We headed over to the water to get in some QT with the ocean.


Okay, so it's not a race. Just a fun ride! 

And we are blondes... don't follow us to the start line!
We had to turn around on a bridge... that gap led to the ocean.
We were VERY careful not to drop our bikes in it! hahaha

We Finally made it to the start line!

We arrived quite early so... well... this happened.

WHAT?! Of course we are cycling ballerina's! 

We finally took off. 


Riding with my girls is SO much fun.

Eating is my thing. #fyi

Crossing the finish line together!


Then. We. Went. Home.

The ride was so much fun... and the finish line had sushi! #score :)
This was not a RACE at all... as you can tell by the tutus and how much fun we had!

Holy cow. Leaving tomorrow for wine country.
WISH ME LUCK & a strong healthy hip!!
70.3 HERE I COME!!!!

Kinda scared.
< 3


  1. I LOVE THIS A MILLION!!! Oh my gosh that ride looks amazing!
    Don't worry about Barbs, you got it! You are going to do great!!
    Race smart and HAVE FUN!!! Make sure to take it all in it's only your first once!

  2. Awesome report and photos, thanks! Seems you had a really wonderful time with your friends. I hope one day I can stop at those signs for photos. All the best with the training and racing!