Oct 21, 2010

Rain rain go away!

6am- Wake up
6:10am- Contacts & clothes on
6:20am- Start to stretch... then realize that it is POURING RAIN outside :( (Yes, it took me 20 min to realize that it was raining... we have a fish tank and it makes the same water pouring noise)
6:21am- Take contacts out
6:25am- Lay back in bed and wake Ked up to tell him that I can't run this morning and close my eyes :(
8:15am- Wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to work...

I want to go running right now, it is 64 out. Why must I work?

I should have braved it in the rain this morning... but hey I'm from Arizona and rain is not usual!

Oct 18, 2010

My Timed Races... so far!

I have done 3 "official" races that have been time chipped and I thought I would share them with you all. :)

Heat Check Series #4 August 31, 2010
5K: #45 of 60: Time 29.46.5 - 9:36/M

Heat Check Series #1 August 10, 2010
5K: #26 of 33: Time 31:32.3 - 10:10/M

Rock n Roll Half Marathon - San Diego June 6, 2010
13.1 Miles: #9757 of 13574: Time 2:50.37 - 13.01/M

I was not proud of my first 1/2 Marathon time but it was my FIRST, so I have to be easy on myself. I have finally come to terms with it and can't wait to show the world my time for my FIRST FULL Marathon! I am aiming to be under 5 hours but I would love to make it in 4:45.00. Also, in two weeks I will be doing the Tempe Iron Girl 10 mile run. I really don't have a solid goal for it but I would love to run it in 1:45.00 or less!

Another great training week!

That's right, my training for last week is at 103% complete! Because I am an overachiever... only by .57 miles though :)

My long run this week was so fun! I ran along the Green Belt from my house in Scottsdale to Tempe Town Lake! I always try to do my long runs somewhere I haven't ran to or at least somewhere I haven't been to in a while. I find this helps the time go by and I enjoy the run a lot more when I have no idea where I am going to stop. I love having my Garmin for this reason alone. I remember having to go online and plan each and every run when I was training for my first 1/2 Marathon... I am very indecisive so it would take an hour or so, but now I just decide what direction I want to run in and go.  :)

The weather was sooo nice, even once the sun was fully up,  it totally made that 10 miles easy to take down! 

The average temperature was 75 degrees and my average pace was 10:23, not bad!

Oct 6, 2010

Fall/Winter Events 2010/2011

Here is the list of races that I plan on doing! 

I am so excited for my first marathon!! Training is going great so far :)

Oct 4, 2010

Happy Training Week

I love it when I finish all my training that was on the calendar for the week! 

I love this calendar, I can stare at it all day!

I love my busy little life that is full of fun training!