Nov 29, 2010

Holidays and Running

How do you run in the snow? No idea, that's why I missed my long run this weekend.

I guess it's not that hard, this guy is doing it.

Excited to be back in the desert so I can get back to training, I feel like such a slacker because I have missed two long runs back to back. I was sick the previous weekend and this past weekend for Thanksgiving I was in snow and not going to attempt to get sick again. 

This looks much more enjoyable! 

Christmas is right around the corner and I have to be good cause my longest run of training falls on Christmas week! Yay for 20 milers!!

Nov 18, 2010

Staying healthy

I am trying very hard not to get sick, the husband is very sick so I have been taking lots of these:

Not only am I trying not to get sick, I am battling shin splints!

I have only ran once this week, not good for training but good for health, and TV watching!

Nov 16, 2010

I am Iron Girl.

I did Iron Girl Tempe 10 Mile Run this past Sunday!

Happy face for the camera!

It was not easy, I was getting sick. I do believe I am now sick. It is not fun running when you don't feel well. Despite not feeling well my time rocked and I kept going! My body felt good but something was off and I was putting a lot of effort into every step from the start. I kept telling myself that this was just a training run so it was okay if I slowed down or walked but my legs wouldn't let me slow!

10 miles 1:37:37 that's a 9:46/minute pace!

Here is my cute little duck!

Not the best photo, my form is horrible, but I was pushing so hard to finish! As I said, this race was hard on me.

Nov 8, 2010

Marathon Training Rules

Because you can do this...

So on Friday afternoon the husband and I were talking about my long run this weekend, 13 miles. I showed him my route and he was shocked to see how far I was actually going to run. 
Then he asked, "Is there a half marathon going on this weekend?" 
I replied, "Yes, I know someone who is running in it too!"

So Saturday morning instead of my 13 miles I went to the Women's Half Marathon Expo and signed up for Sundays race. :)

The race went great! Not one thing hurt, not even my foot that sometimes likes to bug me! There were even a couple of hills everyone was crying about, but not me, thanks to Sue! She makes us run hills, I have only done them twice with her, but I know that it helped so much. I am so excited for the Iron Girl 10 Mile race this weekend, if only I raced every weekend I would actually look forward to those long runs!

I even set a half marathon PR, 2:09:59!
I finished 54 out of my age group of 130 and 1042 out of 3384! Soooo happy especially since I even had to stop to pee! Next race I am going to remember to use the restroom right before the start!

 Check out the super cute metal, it has a removable charm that you can wear!

If you are interested here is where I ran and all the splits :) My Garmin was right on point with the time. :)

Ohh and look who handed us our metals! Who doesn't love a man in uniform. Especially those Air Force boys!

Nov 1, 2010

Goals for November

1. Finish all training each week; including cross & strength training. I have been skipping that way too much!
2. Enjoy every minute of Iron Girl!
3. Finish Iron Girl in 1:48 or less.
4. Only eat out once a week.
5. Do hills or speed workouts once a week.
6. Keep up on my blogging.
I am so excited for Iron Girl on November 14th!
I can't wait to feel the excitement of another race, even if it is only a 10 mile run. :)

Here is my October training month! As you can see, my cross training did not exist. :(

Training week 7 Long Run 10/31/2010

My Halloween was not spent like most!
I have to admit, this 12 miles went down pretty easy!! Much better than Wednesday 6 mile run (I will recap that a little later on).I am so excited that 12 miles is not too difficult anymore, I have come such a long ways since the beginning of this year! 

For this run I stopped every two miles to take a minute walking break and at mile 4 and 8 to eat my Gu's. I am planning on walking through every water station for the marathon, there are 18, and training to walk every two miles for hydration makes since for me and my heart rate appreciates the breaks too. :) I was holding my pace back the whole way, which encourages me because I am getting faster!      

Here are my splits!


Now on to Wednesdays horrible 6! Seriously, I had the worst run of my life on Wednesday. It must have been a combination of a few things:
1. Spent Tuesday at the hospital with my Husbands Father.
2. Ate a Chimichanga Tuesday at Arribas Mexican Food
3. Didn't wake up early to run, instead I ran in the late afternoon during rush hour!

I will not be running in rush hour any more! Thank goodness this weekends 12 mile run went well. I don't know how I would have felt if it didn't go down like it did!