May 26, 2011

Running, running, running!

I am so happy to be running, this past week I finally got to 20 miles for the week! It has been a while since I logged 20 miles.

So far my goals for this month have been going good, except for the book and riding my bike to work. It has been hot, and I have been running too much! Excuses I know. :)

I still haven't picked up a book... but in my defense I have been working hard on our condo re-model and we will finally start moving in today after work!! So excited!!!!

Also, this past weekend I got to be a part of my life long friends wedding in Vegas. It was so beautiful and I am so happy for them!!

Here is the happy couple in the limo after the ceremony!
What's a wedding in Vegas without Elvis??
My handsome man and I

May 13, 2011

Boxing... heck yes!

My friend called me up Tuesday and asked if I wanted to use her extra Boxing Groupon to Glove Game Boxing... me being the one who will try anything said yes!

It was amazing. The 30 minute time with Peter, my trainer, flew by faster than the sweat dripping off my face... which was a lot! I had never sweat so much in my life. It was such a great workout and I have to say how surprised I was to work out my legs so much, good thing I didn't run hills that morning!

Look at how bad a** they are.
The owner is the woman. She roars.
Basically, if you get a chance to try Boxing out DO IT!

May 7, 2011

"Walk This Way" - Aerosmith feat Run DMC

Title of this post is tribuite to one of the coolest awesomest runners ever! I had the privalige of meeting and running a short mile with last night with the one and only EMZ.

Running with Emz and Steven Tyler on TV! Hello destiny (Steven Tyler has been the love of my life since grade school)!

This lady decided to run 24 hours on a treadmill, outside, in phoenix, with a goal of running 100 miles and raising $10,000 for a local chairty, the Sojourner Center!

She did it. It was inspiring. It was amazing. It makes me smile. It makes me want to run wayyy too far for a great cause too.  Check EMZ's blog out and donate some money if you can!

Yes, this woman still walks on the TM even when having her dinner. Amazing.
I have to say it was soo worth getting out of the house at 11pm to see her run! Plus working on re-modeling all day makes you need a break, a big break! We are getting so so close to being done with the condo. I can not wait!!

Happy weekend everyone! :)

May 2, 2011

May Goals

They say if you want to achieve your goals write them down. I can tell this month is going to be awesome already. We will finish remodeling our condo and move in! Also, my childhood best friend is getting married!! Happy May!


Mind: I read a book (Anyone have suggestions??). 
Body: I ride my bike to work and run three times a week.
Spirit: Yoga has become a part of my weekly routine. 
(I know it's a bit of body but it makes the spirit feel amazing)
Family: I eat breakfast with the hubs & call my family often. 
Work: I am proactive and upbeat. 

Where there is passion and desire, there will always be new horizons