Jul 27, 2011

You asked. I answer! =D

Is Mandi your given name or short for Amanda? The name is Mandi, Mandi with an "i"

What is your favorite breakfast? I love me some scrambled eggs in a tortilla! :-D

What is on your ipod lately for runs? iPod... yes, I have one but I usually leave it at home. I run with a bunch of friends on most every run so we chat the whole time. But if I were to listen to it I would probably use one of Racing Dawn's music uploads :)

What is your favorite movie? Gone with the Wind

Do you like your new shoes? These Shoes...  I LOVE my new Saucony Xodus 2.0.  

Are you having fun with social media? Everyday!


What do you eat/drink before a long run? I usually will have a piece of toast with peanut butter & bananas on top...yummy!

Can I have your legs? I think I might need them for my next run!

My favorite Sister & I

Who is your favorite Sister? JAIME!

Where is your ultimate dream place to travel? Spain!

Are you going to do the Jackson Hole Marathon? I really, REALLY, really want to... probably not though ;-(

I've got one for ya! When are we ever going to hang out again?? I miss your face! ASAP. Now, tomorrow, yesterday!?

Also, what is your favorite scent?? Put the lime in the Coke you nut! !Coconut!

If you were a reptile what kind would you be? Uggh, I am NOT a fan of reptiles... maybe one of these? He looks cute. :) 

When are we going to run together again? Ohh, Emz I would LOVE to run with you anytime... especially on TM's then you can go super duper fast and I won't have to kill myself or slow you down ;-)

When's our next lunch date? Soon!? I would love to make it a regular thing!

How long were you engaged? Umm... maybe three months? We met in April got married in September. Don't mess around when you get a good man. :-)

Big wedding? Nope, super small. Just close family on a cruise ship. We were married by the Captain while sailing the Caribbean Seas, it was amazing.

Can we go see brittney spears together soon? Would love to see her again with YOU! As long as you don't mind lip singing and robot arm swinging that is called "dancing" by the one and only, it's Brittney B****!

Jul 22, 2011

Q & A

Mandi with an "i"

I've been tagged by the one and only Emz

She is awesome. Super awesome. I like eating with her... first a burrito on her 24 hour TM run then just a casual lunch with her & the Peanut (which by the way has mad photography skills, thanks Peanut).

Anyways, back to the post... the title explains it.
You ask me questions. I answer. Simple.

I am going to tag...
My name is Sue, how do you do? Now you gonna die! (I heart Johnny Cash)
Anna, because I am sure you guys need some beef lovin' in your life asap.
And my blogger friend over at The Rocky Mountain Tortoise

Ask away mates! I am excited to hear what you would like to know about me :)

Have a great & safe weekend everyone!

Jul 20, 2011

41 followers & I got my new shoes!

Hi NEW and OLD followers!! Look what turned up at my office today...

Just in case ya'll are a few of my new readers, about a month ago I won a pair of shoes from 5 Miles Past Empty... read about it here


 Kickin' my hubbys belly!

 Darn, these shoes are CUTE! :-)

Yeah... look at them SHINE!

All that  shoe modeling called for a Tennis Ball Massage! :-D My FAVORITE!

Oh yes, and while massaging one must relax...
with a cocktail of course :)
Last week I used this recipe and made some of this...

The wine bottle is not vino though, it is strawberry infused vodka! I will never buy that artificial flavored vodka again... thank you GEGGIE for the recommendation via twitter.


Jul 18, 2011

Mandi with an "i" = MandiRuns.com

Hey friends, hope you had a great weekend! 

Mine was full of this...
One of my BBF's from grade school turned 24! =D
I finally got a domain name... www.MandiRuns.com

Blogger will be forwarded to this new domain name so you don't have to change anything... pretty sweet huh!?

If you are interested I bought it from Kwazadilla.com, they rule and they have great prices, check them out :)

Jul 14, 2011

Gotein Giveaway Winner!

And now... announcing the winner of the Gotein Giveaway

Yes, this Sue...

CONGRATS SUE!! So happy I get to share this product with you!! I will bring it by tomorrow morning :)

Jul 13, 2011

Do you tri? I don't. At least not yet...

Miss Mouse and I would like to wish a big heaping pot full of GOOD LUCK to my friend Ginger, she is competing in the Vineman 1/2 Ironman this weekend. You inspire me Ginger.

She rocks and she is going to kill the course, I just know it!! Mouse and I will be thinking of her this weekend, while lying in bed reading Runners World. Or maybe I will pick up a Tri magazine to switch it up?
Miss Mouse, my love <3

Do you Tri? How did you get started?

Jul 12, 2011

Running & Coffee: it's what we do

This morning Sue (you should follow her, she is new to the blog world) and I headed out on a run... since the other Cholla Girls (yes we named our little running group) ditched us we decided that we didn't want to run for too long so we did a fast 3.5 miles. Boy are we getting fast... 8:37 was our average pace with a little bit of walking! 

We freakin' rocked it!
Fast runs rock, they push you. I need to be pushed... often in fact.

Sue sportin' H2O and Coffee... it's our after morning run ritual 

What does it take to push you? Friends, coaches, upcoming races, or maybe just some boys/girls watching you?

If you haven't signed up for my giveaway... do it today HERE

Jul 7, 2011

Haboob talk & Gotein Review / Giveaway

Haboob: is a type of intense sandstorm commonly observed in arid regions throughout the world. 

Tuesday, here in Phoenix, the HABOOB striked! 

I love saying that word.... Haboob! It may be my favorite word. I know it is one of the only words I actually remember from my weather class at U of A (GO WILDCATS!).  

Anyways enough about Haboobs, let's talk about nutrition... protein shakes! 

I love protein shakes, always switching them up or in this case shaking them up! :)

Gotein was nice enough to allow me to review all three of their protein flavors and do a giveaway... MY FIRST GIVEAWAY! 

Get excited!

Like I said, I tried all three flavors...
 Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry. 

I have to say I loved them all... Vanilla won though, it was SO DELICIOUS. Who doesn't like a vanilla protein shake that tastes like Steve and Kathy's milkshakes!? What you do know what Steve & Kathy's Blue Hills Cafe is? Check it out if you are ever in the Dewey, Arizona area... and if you know you will not be making it to the Heart of Arizona anytime soon enter this give-away so you can have a sample taste of heaven!

Gotein is so nice and easy to use, even at work! 
I just got my water bottle in the morning, drank it down a bit, poured the Gotein in, swirled in around, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE & then I DRANK!

Enjoying my Vanilla Gotein at work
 Want some cold are facts about Gotein?! I knew you did!
Gotein Vanilla packet contains 17 grams of our special protein matrix, 5 grams of carbs, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and is only 100 calories. 
  Gotein Chocolate packet contains 16 grams of our special protein matrix, 6 grams of carbs, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and is only 110 calories. 
Gotein Strawberry packet contains 17 grams of our special protein matrix, 6 grams of carbs, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and is only 110 calories.

To ENTER, please post a comment for each.... 

1) Follow ME! (1 entry)
2) What is your favorite word? (1 entry)
3) Like Gotein on Facebook (1 entry)

Winner will be picked at random next Thursday 7/14/2011

PS: Only shipping within the continental 48 states
PPS: I was given samples to try free of charge, but the opinions are my own.

Jul 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

Hope everyone enjoyed Independence Day, I know I did!

The morning started out nice and early at 4:30am for a nice cool 5k in under 29 minutes! I love those morning runs when you are the only one out there, makes me feel pretty hard core ;-)

After the short run we were off to the desert before it got too hot to practice our 2nd Amendment right, after all it was the 4th of July! :) 

Check out all those clay pigeons ~ we always have fun with them!

Proud to be an American!

Hope everyone enjoyed their nice and long 4th of July weekend!