Aug 31, 2011

Average day at Work

 Do your co-workers think you are a crazy runner? 
I know mine can't... I am totally normal...

Coconut water for the nut!

Tennis ball for the foot massages :-D

Pickles for fuel!

Aug 24, 2011

I love my family.

Recently I went up to Utah & Idaho to see my family. I love them so much and I miss living super close!
I flew into SLC Saturday morning and my sister drove me and her kids up to Pocatello, Idaho to stay with my parents for a couple of days. The plan was to go to Yellowstone on Sunday and relax a little on Monday and drive back to SLC to stay with my sister one night then back home for me. 
Sunday morning around 5am in Pocatello, ID I woke up for my 2 hour run. My Daddy heard me shuffling around and came out... he asked me how far, I said I am going to just go out for 2 hours and see where that takes me. My Dad is a little protective of me so he opted to follow me in his truck, he did this because I didn't know North from South! Ooops, I get confused!! He is the best ever. Sooo sweet. :-)
The run was one of the BEST RUNS EVER. I loved having my Dad right next to me, we would talk a little then he let me go ahead... it was super peaceful. We even got to see a meteor shower! It was pretty awesome!! I got in 11 miles before I got home around 7 and then we took off to Yellowstone National Park!

Just before Sunrise the moon was nice and bright in Pocatello, ID

Here are a few pictures from Yellowstone...
My parents miss me... can you tell?!
My Mommy and I with the lily pads!

Best Daddy ever, seriously, he woke up at 5am and drove behind me while I was running in the dark. 
Kaden (nephew) and I looking at the elk in the meadow
So happy my Grandma was up there too! I love her!
I knew a few weeks back when the one and only EMZ posted about Peanut and her friend having ice cream sundays without bowls or using their hands I HAD TO DO THIS WITH MY NIECES.

So I hosted my sisters Baby Shower Ice Cream Sunday. We. Had. A. Blast. Thanks EMZ!!

My sister and I having our Bowless & Handless Ice Cream Sundays

Bowless & Handless Ice Cream Sundays

Aug 23, 2011

I'm about to break?

I am learning, slowly, how to say when enough is enough.

Why is it so hard to realize when your body needs a break or when your mind needs the break? Both are important, and I need to remember the mind needs breaks and that is a-okay.

Recently I have been doing all my runs with my friends the, Cholla Chicks. I love running with my friends; running with them has turned into a social happy hour every morning. Who doesn't want that!? Well, usually I want this but this week I am taking a break, some sort of mental break. 

I have to admit that I miss my quite runs where all I think about is my breath and the rhythm of my footsteps. I miss my early mornings filled with stretching, cleaning, petting my kitties, cooking breakfast, making lunches and just relaxing. The mornings were my time and I am now realizing how important they are to me.

I am scaling back on running with friends everyday because I have finally realized what I have been missing so much in my day. Mandi time! Running with the Cholla Chicks is awesome and inspiring but sometimes you need that time alone to appreciate everyone.

When do you get your time? Do you like waking up extra early to get it or do you stay up late?

Cholla Chicks: I love you girls and love running with you! I promise to get my act together and when I am back up and running (mentally) I plan to run with you all about 3 times a week, which is most of my runs!! :-)

Aug 17, 2011

Team Refuel... with CHOCOLATE MILK?!

Browsing the web for any amount of time will lead you to some crazy adventures. This is one of them I happen to run into but I think it could lead to a pretty cool turn out! I have been looking into ways to get some help so I could do more races throughout the year without breaking the budget...

Vote for Mandi Nilsen
Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk is something that I was drawn to because I love me some chocolate milk after my runs!

When I first started running my friend, UltraTG, told me this was one of this favorite drinks after his runs. So I gave it a try... and loved it! I have to admit I feel like a child every time I make some and it is awesome! I even started ordering it at restaurants; I'm pretty sure Texas Road House has some yummy magic chocolate milk! 

So anyways, I applied to win one of the five individual grants they are giving out each month and I am in the finals! All you have to do is vote... each day... until September 15. CRAZY, I know. It is a LONG TIME. BUT I will receive $250 and this would able me to sign up for my first Sprint Triathlon and another marathon/half marathon!! And who doesn't want to do more races?!?

I know EVERYONE, including me, has better things to do but if you happen to remember, VOTE!

Help me by voting for me each day to receive a Chocolate Milk Refuel Grant:

You guys rock!!

Aug 10, 2011

Cholla Chicks

My group of running partners, the Cholla Chicks, are official.

We have a Facebook Page!!

If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe area then you can come run with us sometime! It's fun, I promise!

Aug 8, 2011

I love training!

So last weeks little "bike fall" left me hurting and not able to walk very well... therefore running was not happening. 

Tuesday night I got dressed to run and walked down the stairs but had to turn around because I knew my leg hurt too much to run. Right then I decided I need more cross training in my life ASAP. 

Therefore my new plan...

I love training plans, I usually use them as a guide not a strict plan. 
I love direction. I need direction. But I like to do my own thang. 

The two "yellow" races are not official, they are on the radar but probably not happening since the Hubby and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan... a girl can dream though, right!? :-D

Hope everyone has a great week, I can't believe it is already August!!

How do you do with training plans? Do you follow them to a T or do you use them as a guideline?

Aug 2, 2011

Lap swim & mountain bike ride

That's right. Mandi Runs is now trying to swim and bike!

The swimming went well considering I have not been in a pool to "swim" for at least 15 years... Lap swimming is FUN but I need to learn how to breath. Hopefully next time I will do much better!

After swimming my friends G & S took me out to Papago Park and we mountain biked! I loved it!! I was doing great and then towards the end I lost my back wheel in some gravel and went down! Oops!!

That's right! Check out the blood!! 

All and all, I LOVED swimming and biking! Can't wait to do more of it.

This morning I woke up and my leg has a few bruises and elbow hurts but you know what... I LIKE IT :-D

Can you give me tips on how to breath and swim at the same time?

How did your first time off road Mtn Biking go? Is this whole falling thing going to happen regularly!?