Sep 26, 2011

The Grid

my new best friend

Rolling out your muscles is SOOO good for you. It hurts, but it hurts good... maybe!?

When you roll those muscles out it is just like a deep tissue or sports massage. It relieves tension, breaks down the scar tissue and releases lactic acid buildup. HECK YES!!

When I first found out that my IT Band was what was hurting my knee I went to TJ Maxx and bought a foam roller there (did you know that they have so much athletic stuff?). 

Recently the TJ Maxx Roller has really DIED on me. The shape is no longer a cylinder more of a flat top circle... not good but I guess you get your moneys worth? The foam roller was only $10 bucks and it did work! 

So I was at TRIBE the other day I decided it would be a smart investment to buy The Grid. It is $40 but it is suppose to never die on you. I like that, since my cheap one only lasted about 6 months!

 This guy is heaven for my muscles. I suggest you get one asap. :-)


Last week we had our first 
Ultra Ragnar Del Sol team Cholla Chicks meet up, we were still missing our 6th runner but we were excited to get together and meet! 

You want to know what I learned?

I can tell that we are gonna be friends...
I love the White Stripes, why did they have break up!?

Then this happened Friday night...

                                                                             Yes... there is a tiny dog in that bun! 

Yep, the DBacks game! 

They are now the NL West Champs!

 Not only did the DBacks win but I remembered that my friend Christy is a runner!! Which means I convinced her that she needed to be our 6th runner for Ragnar Del Sol! It is funny how people pop into our lives and we forgot all the things we have in common! Christy is a runner, A fast runner! So excited to have Christy as runner 6th for Ragnar Del Sol 2012!!!

Welcome to team Cholla Chicks Christy!! We are complete =D

Sep 23, 2011

My body tells me no...


I heard this song on The Dave Ramsey Show quite a while back and ever since it is the song I go to whenever I am running and I want to quit. Love love love it... check it out!

In other news, a friend of mine just made my life, seriously. 

I just told her when I will be in Miami for the half marathon and that we needed to meet up. THIS is how she responds. 

Freaking amazing. I love it, thanks Brittany!!

It's nice to know that I am inspiring others. I love how we all inspire each other...

People are good. 

Hope you have a great Friday and a SUPER weekend!

Are you also surprised who and how you motivate people? I bet Nike didn't think that Mandi with an"i" would be talking to their customers and motivating them!! ;-)

Sep 16, 2011

Bursting with Del Sol Happiness

I will be doing another Ragnar Del Sol.
February 2012... 
but this time I am going ULTRA BIG

Yep, I am doing an ULTRA!!!

I have to say I never thought I would be excited about running 37 miles...


I have to admit I probably have the most bad ass team too. I am a lucky lady to have such great friends who love to do the crazy things that I do!

EMZ - 13.8 / 11.7 / 13.1 = 38.6
Sue Bug - 12.2 / 12.1 / 12.7 = 37
Me, Mandi with an "i" - 13.3 / 13.1 / 10.6 = 37
Emily - 8.9 / 9.4 / 6.7 = 25
Aimsaw - 13.6 / 7.7 / 8.9 = 30.2
Runner 6 ??? - 14.5 / 7.1 / 11.2 = 32.8

First team meeting/happy hour will be this upcoming week. Cannot wait to get together and  have all these ladies meet! We are going to have a blast!

Is it February yet? 

Ps... Thank you EVERYONE who voted for me to get the Chocolate Milk Refuel Grant, I was not one of the 5 finalist but I had fun trying! 

Sep 3, 2011

5 years = Happy Mandi

Today, 5 years ago this was going down in the Atlantic Ocean... 
Yes, people in bikini's watched as we got married


Happy anniversary Hubby!