Nov 28, 2011

Thankful for...

I had a great Thanksgiving extra long weekend! 
I love long weekends... but the holidays are rough. 
Late Nights.
Lots of FOOD.
Too much dessert.
Not enough energy for runs... need to work on that one! 

But all in all I was more than happy to spend the four day weekend with family & friends. 
I love them sooo much & I am one lucky girl to have such great friends! 

I am thankful for...
Homemade rolls... thanks PW!

Getting to watch ASU lose! :-D 

Getting to watch ASU lose with friends...

And family.

Ice cold pools after long runs... who wants to carry ice to the tub? Not me!

Pickle Juice from my U of A mug.
Here is a list of my EXCITING weekend fun since I do not always take pictures... 
I know, I know bad blogger!

 * Made test batch of rolls
* Country Music night at Martini Ranch
 * Made more rolls, but not the same as test batch -- 
should have stuck with the ones that came out good the first time, oops lesson learned.
* Thanksgiving Dinner with Hubby's family
* A little pre-game shopping at Michaels 
*Movie Night with friends
* Midnight shopping until 2:30am!
* Cleaned the casa & put up Christmas Decorations 
* ASU Football Game
* 12 mile run
* Thanksgiving Left Overs party with friends
* Shooting in the desert with friends

What did you do this weekend, I hope you got to relax and enjoy time with family & friends?

And hopefully you squeezed in a few more runs than I did!!

Nov 9, 2011

I'm too sexy...

Ahhh race pictures, why do they always come out SO GOOD!?! haha

This was mile 6 & I was ready for some camera action!

Mile 6/7. I was looking at the other camera guy & thinking about smiling!

7/8 Mile thinking about how cruel it is to have us pass the finish line and then have to come back to! Why do races to that?

Coming down the finish shoot! 1:53:34!!!!!

Proud of my PR & Tribe Tattoo!!
Two girlfriends, two PR's!! Check out Amy's Blog too!
Thanks for letting me be a bit vain and show you my GREAT pictures ;-)

Hundred Up Challenge accepted.

Check out this article in the NY Times & watch the video HERE

I don't know if this will actually make me never run wrong again...
 but I do know that balance & stability are some of my weaknesses 
and they are more than likely why I suffer from shin splints. 

Therefore I am taking the 30 day 100 Up Challenge! :-)

Seems simple enough, do 100 leg ups for 30 days?! 
Wooh, I am already tired. Tired, but excited to grow stronger!

Since I ran a half marathon on Sunday & I am running another half on December 11th I have decided to have that be my comparison, it is a little more than 30 days but I am a rebel like that! :-)

What is the 100-Up Running Challenge

It’s simple, really. No matter where you are in your running abilities and no matter what your current training protocol is, the 100-Up Challenge requires you commit to the following:

1. Establish a benchmark for your current running abilities — write down your last run’s time. Write down how you felt running it. Get it all onto paper in as much detail as you can manage. Did anything ache? How did your stride feel? Any problems you encountered? Commit that run to paper!

2. Learn about W.G. George’s 100-Up drill and start practicing! — mind that you might not be able to do the preliminary version of the 100-Up perfect the first time, or maybe even the fifteenth time, but attempt the drill as often as you can, so long as each attempt strives for perfect practice (And not just getting it over with). Feel free to continue on running your normal mileage if you like, or take a break and focus on the drill. Do the drill! That’s the whole point of the challenge, and being able to determine if the 100-Up works or not completely depends on following George’s instructions as best you can and practice, practice, practice (perfectly!)!

3. Run that same distance as in step 1. above 30 days later — now you get to see how you did. How’d it feel? Faster? Slower? Less aches and pains? What happened, if anything?

4. Now report back on the whole experiment.

What’s the point? Well, the point is to see if the 100-Up actually makes you a better runner or not. And if it doesn’t make you a better runner, well at least you’ll have learned a new exercise and perhaps attained a bit of practice in the art of meditation.

Are you UP for the 100 UP CHALLENGE!?
If so go to the 100-Up Challenge website & get your name on the participant list! 

I am interested on seeing how this whole challenge turns out! :)


Nov 8, 2011

Women's Half Marathon 2011

I wanted a sub 2 hour half this year. 
So I pushed. I pushed hard. 
I PRed!!

Awwwh, feels good to get that out of the way. 
Now on to the next goal, but not before I tell you all about the Women's Half Marathon!!

Per my crazy non planning self I signed up Tuesday of last week. I have been planning to PR for Miami Half in December BUT I felt ready & I had a few friends running it... I was not to be left behind! 

Race started at 7am... I left my house at 6:40am. 
How awesome is that!?
I wasn't even late, the starting line is less than a mile away from my front door!

It was COLD. So happy that I got to the start line at 6:50... 
but 5 minutes before the gun was to go off I discovered that I needed to pee. 
So I had to stop around mile 3, but no biggie. I pee super fast! 

The race was fun, they changed the course up a little from last year, which I love. I hate doing the same course twice. I like surprises... but I didn't see the GU around mile 6/7. Shame on me for relying on the course for my fuel. Good thing it was only a half or I would have been pissed off!
 I just made sure to drink extra Gatorade and I was fine. 

Mile 9 to 10 was the hardest and you can tell by my time... it was my slowest mile, it was also hilly! 
But once I hit mile 10 and saw that I could be well under 2 hours I picked it up and ran as fast as my legs let me.

Throughout the Half there were ladies biking the course helping motivate runners! I thought that was pretty awesome but miles 12/13 were SUPER awesome for me because TWO of my friends were biking these miles which made me pick up my feet and push as hard as I could! 

Thanks Courtney & Ginger, you guys totally lifted my spirits while my legs were screaming STOP!

Official Clock Time: 

Isn't this metal super cute!? I love that the charm inside comes off & you can wear it everyday on a necklace! 

This is the first race I really left all I had on the course.  
I like knowing that I gave it my all. 
(BTW I would like my legs back! I am still a little sore!!) 

Afterwards friends & I went out for breakfast/lunch at the Orange Table! 

I just met the two ladies in the middle & they are AWESOME! Why are runners so cool?! 

Mimosa's to celebrate our awesome PR's!

Gotta represent the TRIBE

 Such a fun race but the after party was much more fun! It is so amazing to have healthy & fit friends. I really don't know what I would do without my Cholla Chicks & Tribe friends. They are awesome & it makes being fit even more fun!!

What makes you love running & being healthy? 

Nov 4, 2011

Where I Blog. When I Blog.

I have two official blogging spots
Couches at home.
Desk at work.

I usually blog during my "lunch" break or whenever I am slow at work & if I am busy I will wait until I get home so I get to stretch out of these lovely couches... 

See, my Halloween Mummy Piggy!?! ... probably time for him to come down now. *sad face*

Where do you blog when you blog? Leave a link to your post below!

Got this "challenge" from Ms. @MilePosts

Nov 2, 2011

Oops, I did it again!

This race starts steps away from my front door... 
At least 5 girls I know are running it...
How could I resist!?

Cannot wait.
I think this is why I like signing up for a race days before the actual race...
I DON'T have to WAIT. 

See you out there on the course Sunday ladies!!