Feb 29, 2012

Ragnar Del Sol - Cholla Chicks Ultra Team

This may have not been a REAL ultra...
 but it was a RAGNAR ULTRA

An all GIRL ultra... Cholla Chicks

girl freaking power!!

We decorated our van...

With CHOLLA'S!! 
Aren't these freaking awesome!? 
We have some pretty creative girls on our team... named AMY
This was ALL HER...

Our sweet homemade tutu's & shirts
Amy, Sue, Christy, Emily, Mandi, Emz
 When EMZ said that she under estimated the "party" factor of Ragnar... 
Well, I am pretty sure we filled her in quite well... 
Don't you think!?

Jeff, our co-pilot with Sue being silly!

Where's Waldo? 

This was a tough relay. Wow, but worth it.

Leg 1 - 11.5 miles - Friday 1:30pm: 
HOT HOT HOT, but I kept pace. Made it with lots of water pouring all over my head & shirt.

Leg 2 - 13.1 miles - Saturday 1:20am:
Love night runs... not to sure about all the hills. It was hard. I was close to pace but still 15-20 seconds off. Going up hill at night makes it easier but not easy. When I stopped my entire left leg got a cramp and I had to stand at the finish for a few minutes for it to go away so I could walk again. I knew the next leg was going to be HARD. Especially mid-day with LOTS of hills.

Leg 3 - 4.7 + the should have been 6ish miles - Saturday 11am:
Started off feeling much better than I did at 3am. My legs were going to have a hard time but I didn't want to let the team down. around mile 3ish my legs started cramping again & I knew I was not going to be able to finish the next half of my leg. So I texted Emz... seriously. SHE. SAVED. MY. DAY. Thank you so much for taking the next 6 miles of my leg. They were rolling hills & Emz killed it. OF COURSE! She rocks. My hero. :-D

This was an awesome experience.
And I can't wait for next year! I am hill training & eating right so my legs don't give out on me. 

These girls made this awesome. & just like Emz said... we were a happy non-catty bunch. Damn straight. Cholla Chicks rocked Wickenburg to Tempe! 

Honorable Mentions 
*Our Three Boy "cholla chicks"*
They should have their own post. 
(note that's not going to happen I am lazy)

Ked: Driver.
Jeff: Co-pilot, water runner, motivator, dad. 
Joel: Second truck support & motivator.

If you ever do a Ragnar Ultra. Make sure you have your crew. We would not have been able to do this as smoothly without these three guys. Not once did we think about directions, running out of ice or ANYTHING... and we are needy women! They were are support & without them we probably would have had a "Catty" problem.


& THANK you Cholla's. 
I heart you <3

Feb 20, 2012

My favorite celebrity athlete - Jenson Button

Formula 1 is gearing up for another season... 
therefore this man has been on my mind lately

One of the main reasons he is my top favorite because he does what I will one day "tri"
& of course his good English looks.

Hello, I am a race car driver who likes to ride this pretty bike.

 Who is your favorite celebrity athlete & why?   

Feb 14, 2012

My homemade race medal holder

My medals have been squished up in a box in my closet since the day I got them.

They are pretty...

I was going through my closet and found a old tie rack that the hubby no longer uses... real job with tie? No freakin; way! He is a lucky guy you know :)

Anyways. I wanted to spray paint it white...

And spray paint it I did.

 No too shabby ehh!? 
AND it cost me NOTHING. 
I already had the spray paint & the tie rack, SCORE!!!

Not sure if I like were we put it but for now at least my medals have a place to call home :-D

Happy Centennial to the great state of ARIZONA!
& Happy Valentine's Day!
*note, the one day were wearing red, pink & white looks hot!*

Feb 13, 2012

10k for Sherry

A few friends from Tribe Multisport ran for Sherry Saturday morning.

We ran to remember a woman from our running community. 
Although none of us had ever met Sherry she was a runner and as runners we are all connected. 
She was a mother. She was a teacher. She was a normal person.
She will be remembered.

Good will always overcome evil. Justice will be served. 

Feb 7, 2012

Super Weekend!

This weekend was a good one. 

Arizona Sunsets at The Home Depot.

Bought a sweet Jacuzzi tub & "recovered" in it after I received my Deuces RnR Metal in the mail. 

Ate one of my favorites... Bird in a "Pig" after an awesome kick butt 14miler!

My friends dog got confused about who was playing in the Super Bowl.

Emz inspired me to make this wonderfully weird Super Bowl treat!

 Probably ate half of these...

Most definitely chowed down on everything here.

The "girls" grilled... aka Courtney, the one taking the picture. 
We watched her grill as the boys were watching the Super Bowl.

Super Bore, I mean Bowl with new & old friends is always a good time!

How was your Super weekend!? 

This morning Sue-Bug & I headed to the track... but they had LOCKED US OUT! Only took a few minutes of pushing and pulling the round about door for me to figure it out. Hey 6:30 is still early!

So we headed to the canal for a somewhat fast paced 6 miler. It felt great. 9:17 pace.

Whenever  I have a great run I always want to look great for the day too. So I am wearing sexy leather pants and 6 inch heels with my bump-it. 
I look good. ;-D 

Do you ever find yourself wanting to dress up and look hot after a great run or am I cra-cray?

Feb 1, 2012

February=Ragnar // PureFit Review


That means this is coming up...

Oh Ragnar, I am SUPER excited for you!

Guess I should get running A LOT further than I currently have been.

Hello 10+ mile runs, I have missed you!!

What do you do to stay motivated to run? 
Me, well I sign up for craziness with my friends! 


Recently I was contacted by Pure Fit nutrition bars to review their bars.

Yumm. I am a bar lover... who doesn't love an easy snack or something to stick in your back pocket for a long run!?

The only problem I had with the bars was the sugar content since I am "watching" my sugar intake. So I just had to make sure to eat them on days when I was going to be extra good and not eat any sugar since the bars had 13-14 grams (almost half of my daily intake allowance). FYI, there are NO ARTIFICIAL sweeteners, just natural :) 

They are some yummy vegan, all natural, gluten-free protein bars!!!

Granola Crunch: Yummm
Almond Crunch: 2nd Favorite, it was very vanilla-ie
Berry Almond Crunch: My favorite (the only bar with 1grams of sugar)
Chocolate Browne: Not a fan of the "chocolate" bars
Peanut Butter Crunch: Very tasty! 

The texture was thicker than most bars I have tried so you needed some water while eating them but I have to say I liked it because sometimes I scarf food down and don't take my time. These make you take your time & I say thanks!