Apr 26, 2012

Reflections of a Marathon PR

I decided that I was running for fun when I started this 26.2
I had only ran one other marathon and it did NOT go as planned.
I felt as though not everyone believed I could even do it...

So I raced conservatively.
I did NOT leave it all on the course.

I had lots of FUN :)

I stopped to snap pictures of Sue & a snake...
a snake that was dead (thanks for letting me know Sue!)

I finished in 4:16. 
Makes me wonder what more I can do.
Time to start believing in myself more.

I can't wait to sign up for a SERIOUS marathon now that I know I can do it.

Funny the tricks our minds can play on us. 

BELIEVE in YOURSELF. Because I say so :)

Apr 22, 2012

Brian Mickelsen Memorial Marathon, PR =D

Who races in Cottonwood, AZ.

This GIRL + 4 other Cholla Chicks

The race was Saturday so we all went up Friday after work, picked up our packets...
and I ended up in the FULL Marathon box! #withmymetal


This was a FUN race!!
 The course was AMAZING! 
So many different terrains #pavement #dirtroads #trails #pavedpaths


I LOVE running with friends!!

I seriously said I was having the best time at least every mile!
SueBug & I ran the first 16ish miles together which made this feel more like a training run.

The first 4/5 miles were on pavement going out of town.
Miles 5-16 DIRT ROAD. #shouldhaveworntrailshoes
My feet were getting BEAT UP.

After mile 16 was 17... the largest hill probably
IT was AMAZiNG. 
I ran up that hill like no other!!

The next 10 miles were tough but they are suppose to be. 

Around mile 21 I got a cramp in my left foot.
I'm pretty sure it was from all the stomping on sharp rocks #oops

IT SUCKED. My foot curled in and wanted to die.
BUT, I was NOT going to let that happen.
I walked that s*~t out and started running again.

Mile 22 aid station SAVED my life. :))
IT was the BOOST I needed :)))

The next couple miles I delt with walking until the cramps went away enough to run. 
I NEEDED my pickle juice at mile 18.
Now I know this IS necessary. My muscles need that sodium. 
Gatorade & Gu's don't do it for me.
From this day on I promise to carry my PJuice! 
BUT none the less, this RUN ROCKED!!!!!!!!!! 
AND My peeps rock...
 As I was finishing...
Wait, what is that in my hand???

Need a closer look...


We might have problems. 

I finished in... 4:16!!!!!!!
OMG. Last marathon.... 5:03 :-)

I am still SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY & PROUD of myself!
I didn't even feel like I was going die.
As Sue came in a bit later we all joined her & finished together... 
cause that is how the Cholla Chicks Roll!

Water you might think? NO those are mimosa's from the one and only BT!!!! 

SueBUG finished 2nd in her Age Group... 

Well... and I.
I finished 3rd OVERALL Woman...
and 1st in my AGE GROUP!
#ishouldntsayitbut...iloveSMALLraces :)

Don't mess with the MDie. ;-D

All and ALL I would rate this race as THE BEST. I HAVE DONE.

The volunteers were AMAZING.
Seriously, there were volunteers at almost every mile.
Guess how many WATER STATIONS there were?  

I recommend EVERYONE doing this race.
The other THREE Cholla's did the half marathon & loved it too!!
I believe 2 out of 3 got PR'S!!!!!!
#superawesome :)

Apr 18, 2012

Marathon 2.

Outfit decided on.

Nutrition bought x3

Now... pacing to figure out.
How the heck am I going to run this thing.

Goal A: 4:00
Goal B: less than 4:30
Goal C: less than 5

In reality I have no idea how I am going to feel. 
I just know I want to beat my previous time of 5:03.

Goal A should probably NOT be my goal... 
but hey why race if you are not going push yourself?

At least I know I my outfit will be cute!!

How do you go into a race? 
Do you RACE... how many goals do you set?

Apr 11, 2012

Swimming. A pain in the neck?

As I enter into my THIRD week of swim lessons I have a pain in my neck!
Last Tuesday I must have been swimming like a honey badger cause my neck has been sore ever since!

I finally made an appointment with the chiro so hopefully I will go back to being a normal person who can turn their head. :)


I am in LOVE.

It is so peaceful.
I can finally "breathe" #iamstillgettingthere
13 strokes is what it takes me to get 25yrds. #happyhappymandi 
The first day it took me something like 20 strokes... love that I am getting it!

Last night I went to see Amanda Beard talk about her new book, 
In The Water They Can't See You Cry. 
Cannot wait to crack it open and read!! She seems like such an amazing person. 
And hopefully she makes it to the Olympics this year, that would freaking rock!!


Seems like this month is the month for concerts! 
I love Spring/Summer time just for this reason!! 

So far I have seen The Pretty Reckless and DEV... which were both okay... 

Last night I went to see this lovely lady play at Martini Ranch...
It was a great show. She is such a sweet person :-) 

Next week I get to see JAMES & GARBAGE!!! 

Are you going to any concerts anytime soon, who?