May 24, 2012

Running Again!

I ran twice this week WITHOUT pain!!

I am still going to take it easy but I am SO HAPPY that the pain has gone away and it wasn't anything serious... 
I am guessing it was just an inflamed tendon that big one on the bottom of your foot :) 

So, I celebrated by going to a Dbacks game...
They WON 11 to 4
don't mind my squinty eyes :) 
So hopefully in a week or so I will be back on track running lots and I will be a happy Mandi... 
Running makes me happy. 
I need running in my life!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend... are you doing anything fun? 

I'm keeping it on the DL... nothing exciting planed so far!

May 21, 2012

May is for babies

Mayer, AZ... the place is on fire! 

BUT this is the view from my Grandma's Rooftop...

I went up north this weekend to spend some time with my family...
But the helicopters and road blocks stole the show!

I spent A LOT of time outside... it was 80* 
My family from Idaho thought it was HOT. 
Pssshhhhhh what do they know, it was perfect!!

Came home to this beauty...
my OWN road bike!!!

Then I went here for my first OWS with a couple friends #openwaterswim
I was surprisingly not too scared. 
Only panicked once/twice over some white tube thingy in the water. The second time seeing that darn thing I was a bit more prepared for it but still got my heart rate up. Thank goodness my friend G saw it and got a little freaked too... so I felt less stupid getting scared about it. :) 

We swam out and back to a water bouie three times which equaled to about 966 meters 
Can't wait for the next OWS where I can get even more comfortable swimming in water that you can barely see your hands in front of you! 
All and all it was a good weekend full of new experiences and fun with family & friends! 

How was your weekend?

Do you freak out when you OWS and see something creepy in the water? 

May 15, 2012

What do you do when you can't do what you do?

Can you guess my butt? I'm in that picture! haha

Not me... but I LOVE this picture

My new "stolen" bike, now I just need to ride it!!
I may be buying ridiculous shit now since I have too much time on my hands.

What do you do, when you can't do what you do? 

May 14, 2012

Happy Day Mother!!

Love you Mom! 
Thanks for not perming my hair anymore!!! 


May 9, 2012

Stupid. Foot.

Running has been put on halt for the past couple weeks since the marathon.

I have been having foot pain where I fractured my foot when I was younger and I don't want to have it flair up... It is HARD not running. 

I hate being down for the count. 
It's amazing how much FOMO takes over. #fearofmissingout
I can't even look at my friends Facebook's!!

Thank goodness I have swimming in my life or I would be on my bike trainer watching dirty TV all night!

So I have been living it up... trying to "enjoy" the extra free time.
LOT'S of these: 
with mint from the garden & limes from the trees <3

Got to go to Vegas this past weekend!
my view from our room... I LOVE THE WYNN

Girls Night Out/Fair-well/Happy Graduation Dinner
with two of my oldest friends

This has nothing to do with anything but #ILOVEIT
I wonder if my cat would fit on my feet #idohavereallylargefeet...

Hope everyone is enjoying RUNNING!