Jun 28, 2012

Terrible Two's


I almost missed it.

Happy Birthday Blog!!!
... you are now 2 years old


Jun 19, 2012

Smashing Pumpkins

Nothing to do with running... 

I couldn't resit. 
Go get this album. 
Keep Rock n' Roll alive.

BC and I! <3

Jun 17, 2012

Happy Day Daddy!!

Daddy & I

I have been adoring my loving Daddy since I was a little girl <3

Animals have ALWAYS loved my Daddy... even roosters!

My Parents were always at all my events. Supporting me cheering me on.

The best Dad a girl could ask for <3

Bet you didn't know I grew up as a little cowgirl on a ranch!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! 
Hope you feel the love from those who matter the most! 

Jun 13, 2012


Swim. Bike. Run.
I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

I have been swimming twice a week, biking once and running three to four times.

For the past two weeks I have been getting KILLER headaches about 10-20 minutes into my swim... thank goodness for Google, I searched around reading some forms and then it hit me... My last OWS I tighten my goggles up before I got in the water! Why? I have no idea, I guess I didn't want that water getting in my eyes! Hahaha, so last night I headed to the pool hopeful that loosening up my goggles fixed my headache problems... and you know what?! IT DID! I did a quick 1000m and my head didn't hurt at all! YAY!

I think I could really get into biking, the past two Saturdays I have went out and enjoyed every minute on the bike. BUT I have only been biking on Saturdays! I need to start biking more, at least twice a week... but I am still nervous about going out especially by myself. I know it's not that scary and I should just plunge right in but I can't seem to make myself get up in the morning and pull out the bike instead of my running shoes. My running shoes are so much more familiar than my bike shoes. It is funny how we get so used to one thing that it makes getting outside our comfort zone to do something else so hard.

Any suggestions to help me put my bike shoes on in the morning and ditch those running shoes? 

I did my longest run this past Sunday and it was awesome! The Cholla Chicks and I headed out to the Phoenix Preserve and did 8.5 miles on the BEAUTIFUL trails! We are so lucky to have such beautiful preserves right here in the middle of one the largest cities. My foot is 100% and I am more than grateful that my minor set back was just that and nothing more serious.

= Triathlete?
Not yet... but soon. My first race will be the Anthem Sprint, August 25th!

Jun 4, 2012

Tri-ing with an "i"

 My foot is back in the game...
Yay for RUNNING!

My butt... not yet but it will get there!

Couple weeks ago I got my bike...
Then a week later I finally got these
My pretty TRI shoes!! :D

So then I did this... with the Tribe Ladies team:

Yep... I am in a cycling picture! Who woulda thought!?!

I finally hopped on my bike and went for a ride with the Tribe ladies this Saturday!
I rode with my two pregnant friends...
and yes... they had to slow down for ME!

It was an awesome weekend and I even got out with Tribe again to do another OWS!
It was not as good as my first... but I rode 28 miles (my longest ride ever) the day before and my legs were a bit tired! I still had fun and can't wait to do another... gotta keeping trying until I got it down! :)

How was your weekend? Did you tri anything new, do anything exciting? 

Arizona peeps... I am going to sign up for my first Tri, any recommendations? Sprint or Olympic to start out with :)