Oct 30, 2012

Javelina Jundred 2012 - Pacing for the WINNER!

A couple months ago I got an email from my friend Jess asking if I would be interested in pacing a girl that works for Livewire Energy  for the Javelina Jundred
I of course said yes with out a beat because I have a NEED to be around crazies as myself.

Meet Kate.
This was her at the start... 

I was not at the start but I swear she looked just as fresh as she did in this picture above as she did when I showed up at the end of her 3rd loop (46miles). 
It was then I knew she was going to kill it.
I believe she left on her 4th loop in 4th or 5th place.
I don't even know how to describe the day.
It was amazing.
Her crew was amazing.
She is one lucky girl to have so many amazing supporters!
Her Dad, Boyfriend, Brother, Boyfriends Parents & her friend & other pacer.
The plan was to have her friend pacer go from 60-75, then me from 75-90 & for her final loop her boyfriend #howsweetisthat :)
The plan was a good one. SHE KILLED the entire race and didn't seem to start struggling until very very late in the race and she still did it and did it AWESOME.

FIRST FEMALE and ONLY woman to finish under 20 hours.
This was her FIRST 101+ miler and she was SO STRONG.
364 people started the race, 160 finished
Smiling... cause she rocks!

Kate getting a pep talk from her amazing boyfriend!
The crew trying to get her everything she needed so she could head out again as fast as possible 

Holding her FIRST PLACE trophy!!!
Awesome trophy Kate!!!

Kate and her three pacers!

Kate was super thoughtful and got me this bracelet that I LOVE and can't wait to wear it during my marathon this upcoming weekend cause I will remember her and all her amazing-ness!! 


Such an inspiration.
BUT I'm not sure if I will be pulling one of these out of my hat anytime soon :)

And the whole AMAZING CREW!!


Oct 26, 2012



Wine country.

I won't be alone either. 
Since I have the most amazing, ambitious, beautiful, fun, crazy, inspiring friends a girl could ask for there will be a handful of us!

AND I am going to call them all out so they can't back down and rock it with me!

Aimswa, Mindy, Ginger, Erin, Christina, Laura, Brie... and YOU?

Registration opens November 1st!

Copyright, Sonic Fitness, 2012, Creative Commons:
Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween weekend!
I have a few parties to go to BUT Saturday I get to help pace a friend for Javelina Jundred!!! 100 Mile RACE. I get to come in and run one loop (15.4miles) with her from miles 75-90... 
SO AMAZING. CANNOT WAIT to tell y'all about her experience... my experience!! 

Are you doing anything FUN this weekend?
Are you going to sign up for Barb's Race too!?! #thatgoesouttomygirlssinceitisawomensonlytri ;-)

Oct 22, 2012

Soma Triathlon Relay 2012 - Team Jobing.com

My awesome Teammates
Me, Beata & Carie
We are ready to SWIM/BIKE/RUN!

Bunch of the girls on my team Tribe/Jobing.com 

All three of our AMAZING swimmers... I think they all killed it. 
Can you tell?

Beata rockin' the bike!

 Me, trying to beat the heat. 
OMG. It was HOT.

There was a lot of this... waiting around. 
I do have to say being the last event in a relay for 5 and half hour race is hard.

Cheering on our cyclists!

Playing around with my Cholla Chicks
I was NOT first place... I had not even ran yet!
This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands and you hang out with cray cray girls! 

Getting ready to ROCK my run!!

This was such a fun experience and an eye opener to how HARD triathlon is! 
I almost felt like I was cheating out there passing people since I was only running and HAD NOT been out there swimming and riding my bike all morning! My run did not feel great, my stomach was not happy from the start and I know it had to do with just sitting around in the heat waiting all morning to run. It is much easier to wake up, shove some food down your hole and go! hahaha

My first mile was WAY too fast. I guess haven't "raced" for a while cause I forgot how to pace myself. I really really can't wait to get a Garmin 910 I think it will help me to actually see my pace and pay attention to it cause right now I just throw my Edge 500 into my pocket and race on feel, checking it every now and then making sure I'm not going too slow. :p

This half was a two looper, which I didn't mind much... 
I got my first BIG blister #boo  
I got lots of #looks #compliments on my pretty HOKAs! #yesiknowmyfeetarehugepeople
I also have been reminded that if I want to PR I need to carry my own water... aid stations take A LOT of extra time... from my Garmin details my "moving time" was 1:52.14 a PR!! But seriously, I might just be a crazy runner. Don't mind me =D

Swim Time: 36.31 1:53 pace
Bike Time: 2:56.58 18.99 pace
Run Time: 1:54.11 (yep 11) 8.43 pace
TOTAL: 5:29.31

I have FINALLY chosen my 70.3 mile adventure, Barb's Race which is a women's only race that takes place the same day as the FULL Vineman!!!! 
CANNOT wait to sign up and tell you all about it! I am going to have lots of support, 5 other girls are going to come with me to TRI!!!

Oct 15, 2012

Tour de Scottsdale 2012 - Race Recap

Tour de Scottsdale 2012

This was my first experience with sorta almost bike racing...
Although it is not a race, it is a tour...
TOUR? What does that mean?
Bicycle touring is cycling over long distances – prioritizing pleasure and endurance over utility or speed. - Wikipedia

Pleasure and endurance over utility or speed 
#mytypeofevent =D 
#idonothavespeed YET! 

SO of course I showed up late...
Missed the start #whichdidnotmatterbecausetherewere1500cyclists 
TOTALLY not my fault, I was 45 minutes early but parking was a bit of a nightmare. 
Note to self, get there SUPER early. Like legit legit early. :)

The start was crazy... everyone started at the same time so all 1500 cyclists were out there pedaling along... the first couple miles were SUPER slow but I wasn't too concerned. 

Saw a few of my teammates pass by and so I jumped in a couple minutes later and decided I would try to catch up with them and see if any of them were doing the 30 miler too...
Caught two of them, Mindy & Christina AND they were also doing the 30 miler YAY!!

We rode along not pushing it too much and just enjoying the beautiful day and each others company. 

I really enjoyed the ride and 30 miles flew by... 
#nowiknowwhatitisliketogoonafunridewithfriends :))

Mindy, Christina & I after the ride

 I finished in 1:51:32.10
42nd female out of 185
7th in age group out of 14 
I was super stoked to see we got metals... for some reason I thought only the 70 milers got them :) 

Yep... my metals might be getting out of control! 

Miss Mouse and I "recovering" after our Tour Ride :)
She is the best at helping me recover!!
Have you just toured a tour before? 
I really enjoyed enjoying the ride!!

Oct 8, 2012

Volunteering for my first race

This was my first race being a volunteer...
Let me say this, IT FREAKING ROCKS!

I did have a little case of FOMO #fearofmissingout 
BUT Xterra kept me nice and busy so I really didn't have a HUGE case :)

The day started out nice and early with a 3:30am wake up call, 4am meet up with my girlfriends and then drive 45 minutes to the race site... Which wasn't bad at all cause I got to enjoy #ChollaChick time the whole way & the whole day!

Michelle rocks! 
She made these AWESOME banana signs for our new friend Heidi aka Banana who was racing!

Michelle and Laura also made other random signs to help cheer on random runners while we were out at water/aid stations volunteering... 
#thesegirlsrock #sofunandthoughtful  

4:45am... yep, we are all smiles and giggles!!

The morning started off setting up all the tents, tables, and supplies for the race. I always knew there was a lot to a race but this experience makes me SUPER THANKFUL for all the hard work that is done to make a race run smoothly! 

Once everything was pretty much set up and the sun came up it was time to head out to the aid station that we were assigned to... there are other options as a volunteer but I really wanted to go out on the course and cheer! :)

We all got split up into different water/aid stations, I was with my friends niece Olivia and we had SUCH a blast! #iofcourseforgotmyphoneandhaveNOpicturesofallthefunthatwashadatthewaterstation
We got to ride out in the desert with the Hand Radio guys... 
which our guys were so so so awesome, GREAT JOB HAND RADIO GUYS!

We set up all the Gatorade and Water then the runners started showing up! We were at mile 4 which also was the split off between the 20k & 8k races so we got to see everyone racing! 
Which was awesome cause I had friends racing both  :)

Olivia and I went through lots of water and cups and even got to help an injured man walk to the finish line, which was about a mile from our aid station, once we packed up all our supplies in our Hand Radio mans truck.

My friend Josh, the MC! He may have been having fun?!? #yesyes
 All of the Xterra races have kids races after the finish of the race... which is awesome! It is a pretty short out and back, maybe .25miles, and my friend Julie's son Lance won! He was sure to let everyone know too! #socute :) 

Gatorade for this hard workin' volunteer! 
4:45am-11:30am = AN AWESOME TIME & a good nights sleep!

SO... I TOTALLY recommend volunteering for a race and make sure to bring your friends too... Friends ALWAYS call for a good time!! :) #plustheyusuallywillgiveyouaracecreditWINWIN

This weekend our SMART & PRETTY friend Aimswa ran her 5th marathon!
SHE PRed... 
I believe we helped since we couldn't be in Chicago with her Michelle & Laura #superawesomechollachicks made a sign and had all our friends at the race take pictures with it!

#wemightliketohavefun ;) 

We have pretty kick butt friends!

On a side note... 
Look who got new shoes this weekend!

How was your weekend? 
Have you ever volunteered for a race? 
How did it go!?

Oct 2, 2012

Phoenix Children's Hospital Fundraiser BBQ

If you are in the Scottsdale area this Saturday come out for lunch and help my team raise money for PCH! 

Tribe Multisport will be having a HUGE end of summer closeout sale too, so come have lunch and do a little shopping!

Join and
to support our efforts to raise funds with a
Tour de Scottsdale 
Phoenix Children's Hospital 

Fundraiser BBQ 

on 10/6/12 from 11am-4pm!!! 

Stop by for  hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies & H2O. Donated by Tribe, cooked and served by the Jobing.com teammates!
Tribe will also have a great sidewalk Tent Sale for the BBQ! !!!

TRIBE Multisport
 7624 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
 NE corner of Indian School and Miller Roads Scottsdale, Arizona
+1 (480) 421-9442  | +1 (877) 424-5372

If you can't make it and want to help here is the link to donate:

Oct 1, 2012

Javelina Night Run 2012 -- 25k

The race that wasn't planned...

Saturday during Cruiserman 2012 I was talking with my friend Julie and she told me that she was going to go out to run the 50k Javelina Night Run... so of course I told her she can't go out there by herself so I decided to go with her to CHEER!! 

So anyways... I ride down there with her... and she goes to register... 
And I accidentally register TOO! 
#oops BUT for the 25k, not the 50K. 
This girl is not an ultra runner yet!!
And I had ran 13.1 miles Friday morning... this was Saturday Night!

Spooky Start/Finish Line

Julie took off first, the course was two loops for her and one for me!

The night was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Julie rocked her second 50k! 

Love that instead of another metal we got pint glasses! So cool!!

They had an AWESOME finish line with killer "snacks"
Pizza - Cookies - Brownies - & lots of other things I can't remember...
But seriously... look at ALL THAT PIZZA!!

Aravaipa Running puts on a GREAT event!!
I can't wait to do more of their trail runs!

 Julie & I at the finish!! 

I Finished the 25k in 2:43
Not the bestest time ever but I knew since I had been outside in the sun all day & had not been eating or drinking right I should take it easy... I felt great the whole time and could have pushed a little harder but I am glad I played it safe and felt good... especially since this wasn't a race I planed on doing :))

A few weeks from now I will be pacing someone on one of the loops of her first 100 miler on the same trail... I feel SUPER prepared to help her kick some butt now!!

Do you sign up for races super late... or even at registration itself? Or am I just nuts!