Nov 26, 2012

Still here! #ipromise

It's okay y'all... I'm still here!
I completed my last "event" for the year and I drop off the blogosphere.

I have been running and biking... swimming hasn't really happened. 

I've have right knee pain... now left knee pain... both feet... pretty sure since I am not "training" I am making up injuries...

13 weeks.
35.9 miles.

Time to write up a plan... I'll being doing lots of two-a-days and back to back LR's now.

Here are a couple pictures to update you what I have been up to the past 20 days...

Photo-shoot with my BFF

Just "resting" running is hard... 
On stage with my Cholla Chicks dancing with Rio #DuranDuranCoverBand

Jake's Baby SHOWER at Tribe! #pennyfinallymadeitintothisworldacoupledaysago
Ironman Cheering!
Rodger Cline with Aimswa
Thanksgiving dessert with my favorite little W... #icecreamandtomatoes WHAT? hehehe 

Grade School BFF birthday party
OHHH and let me NOT forget the best part...
Yep. Started the saga couple weeks ago and I am finally done with them. 
Only took me a couple years to want to read the darn things.
I enjoyed them A LOT.
BUT the first movie... 
hmmm not sure if I'm down, good thing I read them before I watched cause I probably would not have picked up the books. 

I just started reading "A Life Without Limits" by Chrissie Wellington... 

How have y'all been?! 
Did you have an awesome LONG Thanksgiving weekend!?!

What's a good running/cycling/swimming/triathlete book that you have read? 

Nov 7, 2012

Really Big Free Marathon Las Vegas 2012 Race Recap

I have been having a hard time wanting to sit down and write this race recap.
Three- So much FUN 
Four- I have been VERY sore

I knew the road trip to Vegas would be amazing cause I had my two main Cholla Chicks with me

We were ready to rrrawwwwrrrr Vegas....

Then we got sent to Wikieup JAIL!

BUT soon got BAILED OUT!! #yayforchollapricks #malechollachicks
#okaynowyouknowwewerejusthavingtoomuchfun =D

We decided that we should go to packet pick up before we hit up our hotel room... which was in Henderson & the packet pick up was in... Lake Mead Park? Nope, but good thing those passes are good for 7 days cause we paid for the pass a day early :) We FINALLY figured out it was NOT in the park and at some resort/village thingy. 

Thankfully that was the line for the HALF Marathon.
So we just walked up to the Marathon line... which NO one was in and grabbed our packets!

The packet pickup was smooth for us Marathoners but I felt bad for the people doing the half... they only had one guy getting race bibs out for them and there were A LOT more half marathoners and full.

Cholla's like being VIP #sendustothefront

I got #44 on my bib... I thought was good luck cause Emz always loves the 4's together... you will soon find out luck has nothing to do with running. 
As we were checking into our hotel... they brought out FRESH chocolate chip cookies.
We might have scared the poor lady that was helping us... especially when we saw they had hot COFFEE waiting for us too! 
hahaha. I love my girls.

Once we got in the room, we started up what we do best... #socialmediaupdating 

Went to grab food... on the way back SueBug saw a turtle on the side of the road... so what did we do.
Flipped a U-Turn and got on that turtle!! 
#hahahahaha #goodtimes

Got up. 
Felt sick.
Grabbed my pickle.

We parked up hill from the actual race start... because once again NOT ONE SIGN.
BUT we are runners... who cares we can walk up hill after 26.2 miles... right?!

At the start line... BUT before we got to the start line well of course we stop to use the "real" restrooms.
Aimswa and I should have thought twice about that choice. 
Standing in line I started dry heaving...then so did Aimswa. 
AND after that my stomach HATED me for real. 
I knew that the race was going to be tough. 
BUT I am a positive thinker so I didn't let it show.
Fake it till you make it!

See... faking it looks good... hehe

Uggh. The first 7 miles my stomach was SUPER upset... 
BUT after I took my first gel it calmed down and I started feeling good and I was only two minutes behind my goal time. I began to feel as though I could do it.

Then mile 8-11 came- pretty much all up hill and by mile 12 I took my pickle out and started drinking pickle juice cause I started feeling the pre-cramps of my damn legs.

The P-Juice was wonderful. I was still keeping an okay pace for the down hills and the uphills were slower but sub-4 was still reachable. 

Somewhere along the way I am guessing mile 16/17 I saw a pile of poop in the middle of the trail. Pretty sure that helped my dry heaving come back in full force.

BUT after mile 20 I fell a part. My legs got CRAZY cramps. By mile 24 after a two mile climb I was turning around to head back to the finish line... someone was standing pretty close to the turn around sign getting water... I thought to myself... hmmm I am going to run into him unless I turn FAST. I tried. I failed. I FELL to the GROUND and got the CRAZIES BIGGEST MOST PAINFUL charley horse.

Uggh. So embarrassing. 
I sat there straddling the turn around sign holding my calf for a minute or two. It was bad.

BUT I got up and walk/ran to the finish. 
Another 26.2 in the books!
Not my best time, not my worst time.
BUT definitely my hardest. 

After the Race
We like to party.
WELL most of us.
Aimswa and I left SueBug behind and went down to Fremont Street

It was awesome.
Aimswa even got some stage time!!

And of course Mike Hammer wanted his picture with the Cholla Chicks!

I love Fremont Street

We had big balls that day and that marathon may have been tough but we are tougher!!

I had to add this picture because
1. Aimswa is in love with every dog she meets
2. Coconut is SUPER handsome!

Well anyways. That's is it.
I am glad that it is over.
I am proud of myself for finishing.
I am glad I am finally getting over my soreness.
Not all marathons or runs in general go the way we want but we are runners and that is how it goes, we know this and have to accept it. Running is hard and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.