Dec 27, 2012

Reflections and projections

It's CRAZY how many HIGHS and lows you can have in a year. 
No matter the lows, the highs have ALWAYS over-shined any low.
#glasshalffulltypeofwomaniam ;)

HIGH Marathon PR - felt like a ROCKSTAR
LOW Marathon FAIL - felt like I was going to die
HIGH Ultra Ragnar with my Cholla Chicks
LOW Leg CRAMPS *lookoneveryfreakinpost* #seriouslyiHAVEtofigurethemout 

HIGH Reading my little booty off - I joined a book club late 2011 and they have inspired me to read read read read read. AND I LOVE IT. I have finished over 20 books this year #mostihaveEVERread

HIGH Finished my FIRST Triathlon and place 1st in my AG!
HIGH Signed up for my first 70.3 

HIGH signed up and completed the most races EVER! Epic racing year this was! 
AND I have some FREAKIN awesome bling to prove it!

#chollachicks these girls mean more to me than I can say.

I am now thinking about this upcoming year...
I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE race.
70.3 is no freakin joke.
S/B/R 2013 Goals:
Swim my butt off at Phx Swim Club & throw in OWswimming once the weather permits

Cycle with the awesome women of Team
sign up for my first REAL cycling race

Train like mad and run at least 12 miles of hills each week so I can KILL Ragnar... 
Did I mention I am Leg 1 - doing 36 miles!!

...and of course KILL my 70.3 
I have a time in mind BUT I really am going to keep it on the DL until I know what I can really achieve. Since I am not a swimmer or cyclist it is hard to determine what I will do... I will of course let y'all in on the secret as the race comes closer. =D 

Learn to play the crap out of my sweet new Harmonica

Keep up my reading streak 

TWO words: Dave.Ramsey.

How was 2012 for you?!
What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Dec 18, 2012

Iron Girl 10 Mile & 5k - Fountain Hills - Volunteering

Aid Station #4 & #5!

Once again my Cholla Chicks & friends of Charity Chicks ROCKED.

We are pretty good at making volunteering fun!

KEEP IT UP, 2 Miles to go!!!

OUR super FAST friend Mindy... 
she came in 7th overall and 2nd in her AG. 

Fighting over ladies... hehehe :)

Then we got water to the one and only AIMSWA
She is our SUPER Charity Cholla Chick that organizes like your mother!!!


I love these chicks!!

I am SO glad that I have such amazing friends that like to do fun stuff other than the typical going out and such...

If you ever want to join us, LIKE us on facebook and let us know!
You don't have to be a "chick" we have Cholla Pricks too!! ;-) 

Oh. AND by the way... three or four of us girls were wearing mistletoe and not one kiss did we receive. Guess that is what happens when it is a WOMANS race... #notetoselfwearthemistletoetoanironman :))) 

Dec 10, 2012

What I do during the busiest season of the year...

Start a Masters Swimming Program

Party with your friends...
#maybeafewtoomanypartynights?? #nahhh

Volunteer for races!!
Hot Chocolate Run volunteers to the rescue, Iron Girl next weekend!  

Decorate your Christmas tree!
Do your animals love the tree as much as mine to? 
Seriously my cats eat it... then it comes right back up. 
They will never learn.

Ride BMX bikes for the first time!
#tribemultisport #holidayparty

Read lots while eating FoYo!
#lifewithoutlimits #thestockholmoctavo

Get new gear!
Thanks to #TribeMultisportforhookingmeupwiththesesexydemogoggles

Last but not least... Nap with your best friend.

And don't forget to swim, bike and run lots too!

Ooh and I signed up for another Sprint in Febuary!! 

TRI Catching Cupid Reverse Sprint

SO excited!!