Jan 20, 2013

Not So Underground Crit RACE RECAP


This past week I had an idea of what a "Crit" was but not really.
Basically a short course race that is a set amount of time - ours was 30 minutes +5 laps #seewiki

I headed to the Jobing.com Women's Racing Team meeting...
two my girlfriends joined up also, we need to get some cycling experience, having a support group works best.
SO during the meeting they start talking about the "Not So Underground Crit" that is happening Saturday.
We decide we need to do it.


Youtube the CRAP outta crits
Talk to my baby gurl #chollachickErin about doing it... and then decide we need to for REAL. 

Sign up for my first crit "aka my first real race"

#ididgoforaswimthough :) 

Realize you need a license to race with a team kit on 

Go to Tribe to get another test saddle on my bike.

Ohh, and I have to throw this in...
My girl Christy and I got to go to the Gary Allan concert at Martini Ranch and meet him!!

Slept awesome.
Races that start at 12:50 are awesome.
Woke up, threw all my gear together and headed out.

Got to the race super early so we could watch the guys go around and see what we were getting ourselves into...

It looked fast but not too scary.
I was getting excited but still SUPER nervous.

Races are fun with friends and an awesome team!

All warmed up... now lets see how fast my legs will let me go!

Women's Cat 1/2/3/4 all have to race during the same time. 
They do this since there are not a lot of women racing.
I believe there were almost 40 women out there though! 
Good turnout? 
Can't tell ya since it was my first race!! ;-)

Cat1/2/3 got started 30 seconds before us (cat4ladies)

THEN we were OFF.
Ms Mandi was not too confident. 
Got to the first corner, uphill. Good okay. I got this.
NOW we are going DOWNHILL. With 20 women...

I held on for a while, but once we got back to going up hill I was SUPER dropped.

YEP. Dropped on the first lap, second corner.

I got lapped three times 

Yep... there I am... ALONE! 

A couple more laps went by and my #chollachickErin caught me, she had lost the group too... so we rode together... well she pulled me a lot. #itwasnotmyday #ishouldridemybikemorethanonceaweekiguess


It was a SUPER FUN time.
Which I kind of am surprised about...
I thought I would be more upset that I did so poorly.
I really took it as a lesson though.
I need to work harder on the bike... I can't just go out and do it well without putting the hours on my saddle.

SO now. LET'S make some GOALS :)
This woman will be riding THREE times a week!

AND I just want to holla at my jobing.com teammates. 
THEY inspire me. 
This is the reason I joined a cycling team. 
I want to rock my 70.3.
I need know my weaknesses. 
The bike is a NEW NEW NEW thing for me.
I want to love cycling and be good at it.

Jan 2, 2013

an EPIC end to 2012

So, this past Saturday... 
I RODE 68.44

#couldnotfeelmytoes #trishoeshaveWAYYYYtoomanyvents #needshoecovers

I had a BAD attitude most of the ride. I wanted to turn around at least 11,000,000 times.

I learned a lot out there that day.
1. Sag vehicles ROCK - I got a FLAT and it was no biggie!
2. Hot Chocolate makes an excellent "getyourcraptogethermandi" drink while "re-grouping" 
3. If it wasn't for my #chollachicks I would have cried. A lot. I need my Cholla's.

Here's to LOTS more 60+ mile rides in 2013!