Mar 28, 2013

Xterra Black Canyon 13.1 Trail Run

Love Xterra.

I of course just ran the Torchlight 5k the night before... 
PRed & got 3rd overall woman!

After the 5k I stopped for a bean & cheese burrito! 
Came home & crashed! 

Sunday morning came fast but I was ready! 

I felt pretty good about this race. 
I knew the course from last year & I knew I was better trained.

I was ready to kick that 2,838 ft in elevation gain! 

First mile was awesome, legs felt a little sleepy but I pulled out an 8:06 pace, which put me around a good group of pacers... the trails are pretty much single track after the first .25 miles so I went a little harder than I planed to go the entire way so I wouldn't get stuck behind the slower group.

About mile 2.26 I saw a girl who had fallen... she couldn't stand up so thankfully I had my phone. #ialwaysrunwithitnow

I called the race crew Sue & told her about the girl... in all I stood there for about 10 minutes
 Watching people fly by... #itwasSOhardforme BUT I KNOW that race karma is better than a race PR. We are out there having fun... helping each other should not even be a question. 

After the short stop I started my Garmin back up and headed out to beat last years time. 

I felt awesome pretty much the entire race. 
My legs were a little heavy from running the 5k the night before but not bad! 

The fun part of the course are the TWO water crossings! This one is about a mile or so from the finish line...

I was thinkin'...
Ain't NOBODY got time for dis!

The last couple miles right before that water crossing my ankle decided it was tired and started to cramp a little... but nothing too bad! I made it in with an official time of...

And a Garmin time of 
5th in my AG and a PR of 10 minutes over last year! #yay

Being blown into my baby gurl Erin! 
She was out volunteering all day, I LOVE THE VOLUNTEERS!!!

Jake and I checking out our AMAZING results! ;-)

Best part about Xterra races... 

Me photo bombing HOLLY's 2nd place AG award... 
She missed it cause she was out getting a beer! #badgirl

year results are in and I got third in my age group!

It was fun, who knows... maybe next year I will do all four races! 


Next up... Vistancia!

Mar 27, 2013

Torchlight 5k Phoenix 2013

Lucky me I WON this entry from the SWEETEST athlete, Missy!

It was my first 5k! 
Since this was a night race I decided to rest all day.
All day I slept and lounged around in my PJs.
It was awesome... 
Start time was 7pm.
& I had Xterra 13.1 mile trail run the next morning

I meet up with Missy & her husband #hisfirst5ktoo
They are so fun!

I dragged Missy to the FRONT. 

She was not too happy about it but I told her it's easier to not have to pass the walkers and people wearing the race shirts 

The first mile I TOOK OFF!
WOW. that was HARD.
AND it was the fastest mile I have ever ran.

Mile two & three were much nicer 
#notreally at a 7:08 pace!

I have learned that running fast... may cause a few "issues."
But, if you PR, it's worth it! 

Finished in 20:56!!!!!
It is not easy running that fast.

I won a $25 gift card to Sole Sports!

Afterwards I had to take off pretty quickly since I had Xterra 13.1 Trail run the next morning... 
I did not have an issue giving away my TWO free BEER tickets...

Here are my Garmin stats! =D

Mar 15, 2013

Charity Garage Sale #chollachickstyle

This past weekend the #ChollaChicks were working hard raising money for the Vineman Charities!

There are about 8/9 of us doing Barb's Race, 70.3, in July and each of us have to raise money for the charity to participate! 

We decided that it would be much more fun to do this raising money thing together...



Everything we sold was donated by our awesome friends & family! 
We had a FULL garage!

Friday night was spent...
Sign making

And funny face making!!

Can you guess which one I made!?

Saturday we set up shop... 

Snuggled trying to get warm.

Erin & I trying to keep warm with our awesome donations

About half way through the morning... 
it started RAINING!!!
#helloAZ #chollachicksheretryingtoyardsale

 We tested our "products"
Ab buster... busted Aimswa!

#no #notreally #wejustlove #tribemultisport

Baby was NOT for sale.
Cutest little guy ever... almost as beautiful has his mommy!
Ginger rocks, she rode the bike over with him =D

Then this guy came by... 
Erin was NOT successful riding the Segway... 
hopefully 70.3 goes a bit better than that!!

We did awesome and sold lots of stuff Saturday, but we still had more so we stood out Sunday too!
SUNDAY the weather was PERFECT!

Erin & I went and did SoMo Classic Hill Climb then headed back to SALE SALE SALE!!!!

I may have layed out on the drive way! 
#mandilikessun #sundoesntalwayslikemandithough

Sunday's sale went great too and we made monies! 

This is was my FIRST garage sale
It was #interesting
BUT I ALWAYS have a blast with my Cholla's! 

Raising money can be fun! 
If you happen to be interested in donating feel free to follow a fellow Cholla Chicks link... 
I have raised my amount so you can donate to them... OR me too! 
All the money goes to the same charity!

Mar 11, 2013

South Mountain Classic - Race Recap

Landis Cyclery South Mountain Bike Classic Hill Climb

So... as y'all know, I just do it. 
I should have been named Nike.

I signed up for this 6.7 mile hill climb up South Mountain with every intention to ride it first.
Life is busy! Didn't happen.

I was SCARED. 
I am not a climber. I go slow... seriously slow.

But my main girl Erin was coming with!

We picked up our team tent and headed to SoMo.

Setting up a tent is not easy. 
But we are STRONG women. WE got er done.

Erin and I. About to get on our trainers and warm up for the climb!
#cyclingishard #somuchtodo
#race... hahaha

It was a mass start so there were about 10/15 of us women at the start.
We all took off at a "slow" pace which was a HUGE change from the crit.
WHICH in fact scared me even more.
If they are going slow now... what is in store for us!!!

Then the hill came... and it really didn't go away for the next 6.7 miles!
It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.
I kept up with the "pack" until we started really heading up the mountain.
Mandi needs to work on climbing!

The last .7 miles of the course is probably the hardest... the mountain really starts climbing and in turn you gotta get up outta that saddle!

As I got to the top, down came two of my teammates, YAY! I wasn't 80 miles behind them!!

Once I pasted the finish I waited a couple minutes for my girl Erin to show up and we took the photo opp then headed back down!

YAY for our first time up SoMo!!!!

At the finish... looking strong... Riding down SoMo was more scary than riding up it!
I need lots of hill practice!!

SO we (Erin and i) go and look at the results. I was 4th she was 5th... we leave.


So sweet, I even won some dough... nothing to write home about, but enough to blog about!! 
$20 holla!

SUCH AN awesome fun day!!! 
Seriously, I love doing scary things, because 9 times out of 10 they end up being FUN not scary!

Old Pueblo 50 Mile Race #CREWING PART 2

Old Pueblo 50
The day after
(did you miss part 1?! GO BACK NOW!)

Pictures say it all. Today I am going light on the words, cause in truth...
I couldn't do justice to this day.
It was just too epic.

LOTS of coffee with our awesome breakfast.

LOTS of wine 
#iknowsoresponsible #itsweir

We got to hang out with Sue's new running buddy, Ken, and his girlfriend Carrie.

Ken camps in style so we decided we needed some style to as we drove around to the wineries... 
We got to cruise around Sonotia, AZ in a motor home! 
The "Crew" from top, Birdy, Aimswa, Michelle & I

Aimswa's outta vino!!!

Birdy & I

THEN it was time to go HOME.
We left Sonotia around 3pm. We got home around 10:30pm.
It's a 2.5/3 hour drive....

NOT with the #chollachicks though!

On the way home the Beetle decided to stop working.

We set up camp. WE know how to break down!
We broke a belt & a pullie! And Sue's belt was not going to do the job!

 So we waited... and Sue... well she popped her blister!

Then Ked came with a belt...
and found out that the pullie had broken too...
didn't have the part.
TOW TRUCK was called.
Beetle was taken home.


If you are doing a 50/100 miler. Please let me know. I want to be your crew.
Best girls weekend ever!!