Sep 13, 2013

Anthem Sprint Triathlon 2013

Last year this was my first triathlon. 
This year... I was going MIA.
Yep, I am moving to Miami! #noteinowliveinmiami

Knowing this tri was towards the end of the month I thought it would be the coolest going away party ever! Who doesn't want to #swimbikerun with their friends?!

The race was Saturday. I was leaving Tuesday! Perfect!!

The day started out nice and early as they always do for race day!
The only concern I had that morning was the POURING RAIN.
Being from AZ I had never actually ridden in the rain... plus the thunder and lighting... there may be no triathlon, it might turn into a duathlon... and yes that is was happened. 


My Cholla Chicks and I before the start!

The rest of the Tribe crew!
These are the best teammates a girl could ask for.
I will miss them so effin much! 

5k ~ 23:40

The run felt good. I was pushing, as usual, but I could tell that my training had not been fast. Recovering from my hip fracture I have discovered I feel everything. I have to admit I am still nervous about running because it makes me so much more aware of my hip.  Being off for 6 weeks really messes with you. I do not want to get hurt like that again. #evereverever

BUT this run was good...
I tried to stay with the front pack but after mile 2 they pulled away and I was chasing them the last mile with a couple of the girls still in sight. 

20k ~ 40:47

We all know how I love the bike right!? :)
I am getting stronger but I still struggle with cycling. 
Transition... GOT IT!
Cycling... Imma get you!! 

Check out my sweet new LG Vorttice Aero Helmet!

The course was three loops.
You get a little hill climb then a nice long decent where you get to fill your need for speed! 

 Since it was raining and lots of water on the roads there were quite a few crashes, thankfully I kept the rubber side down and so did all of my friends. Would have been nice to have a perfect day so I could have pushed my butt on the bike a little more and swam too but hey... perfect is overrated right!? 

I came in 4th overall. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed.
I really wanted top three for this small race but my cycling and running just didn't cut it that day. 
OF COURSE I was more than happy to be out there racing. That's what it is all about and anyone who has ever been injured knows that!!!

I love triathlon, I want to race my best! 

1st Age Group

Here are some random pictures from the race. 
I am going to miss all my people #soeffinmuch

Love this race! It is super fun and put on by the awesome 4PeaksRacing crew! They are rockstars and know how to run these things!

Thank you to MY TRIBE.
I will miss y'all and I will be back! xoxox

MIA for now